Bobbi Kristina – Whitney Houston’s Daughter Dies at 22


bobbi-kristina-Bobbi Kristina Has Passed away  at 22 years old outside Atlanta in the hospice care facility on July 26 where she’s been since June 24th.

Bobbi Kristina was Found submerged in her bathtub on January 31, paramedics were able to resuscitate her, but she was put in medically induced come and placed on life support. Ultimately Pat houston and Bobby Brown agreed to take her off the meds, it was also reported that a specialist had told them there was no chance of recovery.


Bruce Jenner Confirms He Is Transitioning into a Women


Bruce Jenner Confirms He is a Women, during what he says will be his last Interview he will be addressed as Bruce Jenner, he Admits during his Time at the Olympics  he was Running From this issue and was Confused. Jenner Admitted that at a young age he had tried on Womens clothing and Wore Scarfs to Cover his Short hair. He also Admitted that his First wife Christy Turlington Burns was the First to know Of his Bruce Jenner Christyissues, And even Knowing , she tried to make it work.  In the 80s Bruce started his transitioning into a women with Injecting Hormones. There were times he would Dress as a women and Go out in public but Nobody knew it was him, he says it was important Enough for him to risk going out in Public.

Kris Jenner, Bruces third wife Knew he had Gender issues and even saw Him in womens Clothing During the Relationship But when he Decided to Go through with the Transition again It was Hard on Kris Jenner and there relationship ” If she would have been really good with it, We’d Probably still beKris Jenner together” – Bruce Jenner

When Bruce Went to Undergo Surgery to trim his Adams Apple the Media Frenzy That Followed, Made Bruce Jenner Have suicidal Thoughts.

Kim Kardashian was the First of the Kardashians to know of Bruces gender issues when she walked in on him in Womens clothing , Kendall and Kylie caught there Father Dressing up With there Computer Cameras in there room All three Daughters never brought it up again. Kim said she thought it was just a Subject that they Don’t talk about.kimye
Bruce Jenner Admits he was terrified to tell Children , Letting us Know He did not want to Hurt his Children. When he did let them in on his issues Khloe was the One who took it the Hardest, Due to all Her loss of her Dad and the Emotion Rollercoaster she went through with Lamar Odom. He Says Kim Kardashian Came to understand with the Help of Kanye West with him telling Kim one day “I can be Kendall kyliemarried to the most beautiful woman But im nothing if i can’t be me , if I can’t Be true to myself, They don’t mean Anything” And Kendall and Kylie say “We love our Dad very Much he has the biggest heart if hes Happy were Happy”

Brody , Bruce , Casey and Burt Jenner Said it all Makes Since Now And fully Support there Father.

Although Bruce hasn’t given us a Name he did Say that At the moment Right now He is “A-Sexual”  Below Are Some photos of the Exclusive JEnnersInterview with Diane Sawyer On ABC11160384_10205489278165084_594640033_n







Aubrey O’day And Shannon Bex Are Dumblonde!


@dumblondeofficial listening party!!! Poppin bottles 👉 @morenobh_lv styled by @stylepr & @houseofcb

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After Danity Kane Breaking up (again) Aubrey and Shannon Have Formed a duo called “Dumblonde”  And Although they haven’t Released any music publicly , They have already hosted a Small listening party for Fans for the upcoming EP set to Release this Month !!!! They Say its Going to be a Surprise! But If that isn’t enough they Have Already Made 6 Visuals For the Album!! Are you Excited For the Duo??

Here are some photos to help you wait till the music drops.

Aubrey o'day and Shannon Bex dumblonde-Shannon-Bex-and-Aubrey-ODay-to-Drop-Debut-EP Shannon & Aubrey




Kanye Shares Some Nudes of Kim Kardashian !


To celebrate the success of his wifes  Reality show “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” 10th Season and Kim Reaching 30 million Followers , Kanye Posted some revelaing pics of his Wifey! With Tweets to go with each Picture Like ” IM SO LUCKY” & “CONGRATS BABY ON 30 MILLION FOLLOWERS”   Check them out below!

Jermaine Dupri Says Ciara’s “I Bet” is a Rip Off of Ushers ” You Got it Bad”


According to Billboard, Dupri in a Interview said “Ciara’s new single is a
Usher you got it bad

complete rip-off of Usher’s ‘U Got It Bad,'” he said. “I’m clear on what I made and I’m clear on how music influences people and I’m clear on chord changes and how people move things… It might not be as evident Ciara I betas the ‘Blurred Lines’ situation, but I believe the same thing happened to me.” He plans on Contacting her and her party to “Properly” Credit the song.

Listen to the Two Songs Below and Vote what you think!

Maroon 5 & Nicki Minaj Release Collaboration For “Sugar”


Maroon 5 have been hitting the charts hard with singles “Animals” and “Maps” and with there new single “Sugar” hitting the Billboard hott 100 at #3 its no wonder why they wanna cash in that attention with a remix of that song with the highest Selling Female Rapper Nicki Minaj, and it sounds amazing!  Take a Listen Below.

Maroon 5 Nicki Minaj Sugar